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Henok Goitom Visits RCD Espanyol

Henok Goitom currently plays in the Swedish premier League with AIK. Previously he has played in both Seria A in Italy and La Liga in Spain.Along with family and friends Henok helped start Kista Galaxy where he also coaches and is very much involved in social projects in the Stockholm suburb of Kista. As part […]

Train with La Liga club RCD Espanyol in Barcelona

Vi erbjuder din klubb eller ditt lag en unik möjlighet att träna med La Liga klubben RCD Espanyol i Barcelona. Både spelare och tränare kan uppleva hur det är att träna på en av världens bästa akademier. Fullt kvalificerade RCD Espanyol akademi tränare kommer att tilldelas för att träna med ditt team, som erbjuder en […]

Play Football The Spanish Way- Jesus Gutirrez

  Jesus Gutirrez is educated at the highest level within the framework of the Spanish Football Federation. He worked for 5 years at the Real Madrid academy as head coach for the U 14- U 16 teams and is currently an instructor for coach education with the Madrid Football Federation His brilliant book Possession: Play football the […]

Interview with Sports Scientist Mark Upton

Espanyolfootball : Many coaches think that the young player must learn the action   ( motor skill ) before introducing other things like perceptual demands . I feel  that this is one of the great conceits of coaching . I believe that we should never underestimate a child’s ability to learn complex movements and patterns quickly […]


Paleoanthropologists have discovered as many as 27 different human  species have been in existence. Neanderthals and Homosapiens coexisted  for a period .  Neanderathal  children entered adult life as soon as possible so that they could breed young and learn to provide for the community while homosapiens over the course of many generations , aided by evolution […]

Interview With Swedish Coach Janne Mian

  The  team you are involved with  in Sweden , Elfsborg have just qualified for the Europa League group stages. The club is situated in a town called Borås that has a population of  67,000 which really puts this achievement into perspective. How in your opinion has the club gone about creating a culture and environment so that this can be achieved ? JANNE MIAN : It […]

Interview with Sports Psychologist Dan Abrahams

Dan Abrahams is a global sports psychologist helping people to high perform. His ability to de-mystify sport psychology is very evident in his brilliant book Soccer Tough where he introduces some simple but effective techniques that achieve quick results. His new book Soccer Brain is directed at coaches. In this book Dan gives us some tools and philosophies to […]

Visualisation and Innocence

    Leading Sports Psychology expert Dan Abrahams  in his highly recommended bookSOCCER TOUGH refers to a young Wayne Rooney visualising a perfect performance before going to bed the night before a game.  Abrahams   says  that  , visualisation   if done in the right way can become a very important tool where  this technique can be used […]


  I recently had a great discussion with a very experienced Sports Psychologist (75 and going strong) who has 45 years of experience working within sport and working with young people at every level from elite to just social. He attended a teambuilding event I did for a local youth football team where he works […]

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