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Mark O Sullivan : Sports Director

One of  my  first memories  is of a small round spherical shaped thing  that suddenly entered my world one day and it has rarely left me in my search for its soul  as I kicked it from pillar to post , from street to bedroom , from backgarden  to a field somewhere in my hometown of Cork City Ireland. Now as a father of 2 and living in Stockholm Sweden the love for this spherical object has not waned one bit and my  search for the soul of football continues.

I am really excited to be given this forum at to express my thoughts and feelings on the game . I have a very strong interest in  player development and the methods we use as we go about it.  As a coach at Boo FF academy here in Stockholm and through my own football schools I have been lucky to work with many  young enthusiastic minds varying from 4 years of age to 18 .

Reading through the many social medias that we are exposed to today such as Twitter , Facebook  and various blogs / Podcasts   there seems to be many others on the same quest as me. In the last few years there has been a pardigm shft in player development where Spain has lead the way and Espanyol are right at the forefront of this movement . Traditional models are being torn up , ripped apart as a  more game centered holistic approach  takes precedence where the child is at the center. The  cognitive , the  physical , the technical and the  tactical are all been coached  at the same time……..But lets not forget this is nothing new. This is what we did as kids many years ago . Nobody needed to tell us this as we were already experiencing the most natural football educational system …..Spontaneous / Street Football….maybe we just got a bit lost on the way here 😉

Let the discussions begin