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Making Sense of The Game

Why we need a more ” Game Intelligence “ related strategy in training .

Optimal development of the young ambitious modern player does not just depend on the physical and tactical development but also a better understanding of game related situations is required ie ability to read the game and become a better decision maker.

 What should we encourage our players to learn from an early age ?

 Horst Wein has a very good answer for this.

1.Perception ( Visual)

2.Undertanding (Visual to brain)

3. Decision making (Brain to body)

4.Execution (execution of required action)


In the traditional model for coaching it is normal that a lot of emphasis is placed on (4) , the “execution” , maybe in this case it is the execution of a technique . but in a real game situation the best players use the physical and the technical at the same time as the tactical and the cognitive.If we integrate all aspects of the game ( Cognitive , tactical .technical , physical ) in a more game orientated training program , it will mean :

 1. Better understanding of the game and a better ability to read the game

 2. A better understanding of the relationship between what we do in training and what actually happens in the game. Increased transfer rate of ”skills” from training to the game.

 3. Allround development

4. Effective – Work with the physical and the technical the same time as the tactical and the cognitive.

 5. More Fun!!!!!

 Tips – Technique / Tactical drills should be used to correct the Technique/ Tactic.  The game is used to LEARN the Technique /Tactic.